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JOHN GREAVES company is rightly considered a leading Ukrainian producer of agricultural machinery. It is one of the few domestic entities which products can compete with it's foreign analogues. The entity has every opportunity for it: from the technical re-equipment and modernization of the of manufacture till replenishing with the new talented employees. However the basis and the main driving force that influences on the company development are the experienced personnel, unique technologies and professional equipment that had been salvaged. Nowadays JOHN GREAVES company has strong scientific and manufacturing facilities that allows the full circle of the agricultural machines creation: from design phase till batch production. Modern equipment and high level of skills and competencies of the staff allows the company to make the production of the highest complexity and quality. The company has own design bureau and it allows to create unique products that can compete with famous brands all over the world. Strict quality control management is present through all production process. Over the past years JOHN GREAVES crops-harvesting machinery turned into the benchmark of high quality. It stands out of their international competitors offering an amazing price/quality ratio. After getting a perfect reputation on the crops-harvesting machinery market, the company started a new direction, namely the soil cultivating machines and straw- or pellet-fueled boilers and furnaces. JOHN GREAVES company is an active participant of different national and international exhibitions, test-drives and seminars where visitors have an opportunity to see the machines both on the booths and in the work, to talk with the company specialists. Should you decide to visit our entity, you will be able to delve into the production process and see all it's phases with own eyes. Our doors are always open to our guests!!! It is important to note that our reaping machines for sunflower, grain and corn have became popular and relevant already in many European countries, members of EU.

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