Intended use: harvesting of cereals, legumes, and grains.


  • flexible beam with a locking function 1 ;
  • skids with polyethylene overlays 2 ;
  • planetary blade drive;
  • six-blade anti-winding reel of a large diameter with a plastic tooth 3 ;
  • hydraulic jack of the reel 4 ;
  • hydraulic drive of the reel;
  • feed screw with a safety disk clutch 5 ;
  • sensors of reaper position above the ground 6 .


  • harvesting different crops in the "hard" and "floating" blade modes;
  • range of relief copying: 30 mm to 75 mm;
  • drive and a cutter bar with a short "soy" finger (manufacturer: Schumacher (Germany));
  • flexible coupling of the lateral dividers also allows copying the field relief 7 ;
  • connectivity to the combine harvester's automatic circuit;
  • location of fingers along the entire length of the screw ensures a uniform movement of the whole mass to the feed elevator 8 .
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