Mounted roller reaper 6B

The mounted roller header is designed for mowing and laying the stalks of grain crops in windrows with a separate harvesting method. Can be used as a swather.
Mounted roller reaper 6B


  • Reel - five-cavity, two-eccentric, anti-winding with metal rollers, which ensure the durability of the blade tilt mechanism;
  • The reel drive is a chain drive with the use of a safety clutch, which ensures uninterrupted operation of the unit at medium and high grain yields. The service life of the variator has been increased due to the use of a new design of the shaft and rolling bearings;
  • Reducer - bevel, small-sized, in contrast to cross-belt transmissions, which increase the number of lubrication points and complicate the maintenance of kinematic transmissions, ensures reliable operation of the working bodies of the header;
  • The platform is a metal structure made of a high-quality profile, the width of which can accommodate six conveyor belts, which eliminates ear losses behind the header when harvesting tall crops. Improved maintainability of the conveyor shaft by connecting it to the gearbox through a chain coupling;
  • Wind shield - metal, made of high quality profile, which allows to increase the rigidity of the header structure;
  • Knife bar - profile pipe 60x40x4 and solid-drawn corner 50 * 50 * 5, ensuring the straightness of the front bar in the horizontal and vertical plane;
  • Knife clamping - adjustable, allowing you to simply and with high accuracy maintain the gap between the segment and the shear plate, which is necessary for a high-quality cut of crops;
  • Hydraulic system - high pressure hoses, the use of which allows to increase the reliability and service life of the hydraulics, as well as simplify the maintenance of the lines.

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