Rapeseed harvester

Designed for re-equipment of the grain header of the combine for direct harvesting of rapeseed
Rapeseed harvester


  • the device consists of a main table, sidewalls (left and right) on which a cutting device with a hydraulic motor is installed, a Schumacher-type gearbox and a mechanism for attaching the device to the header;
  • scythe drive - planetary;
  • hydraulic active side knives.


  • the planetary drive of the cutter bar provides a better cut of the mass by increasing the number of double knife strokes;
  • the use of a planetary drive eliminates bending of the knife head;
  • relatively low weight provides a decrease in fuel consumption and increased productivity;
  • exclusion of vibrations of the rapeseed table due to the absence of mechanical connections of the planetary drive with side dividers;
  • turning the side divider on and off by simply turning the handle
  • aggregates with headers for combine harvesters of various brands and modifications.

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