Reaper grain legume counter-flow ZhBV-4,2

Designed for mowing and laying in a swath of leguminous crops, green peas, beans, soybeans, lodged cereals and grasses. The header can be used for swaths, cutting fields in all zones of cultivation of peas, soybeans, beans.
Reaper grain legume counter-flow ZhBV-4,2


  • The reel is a six-cavity, two-eccentric, anti-winding reel with metal rollers, which ensure the durability of the blade tilt mechanism.
  • The reel drive is a chain drive with the use of a safety clutch, which ensures the durability of the unit on grain legume headers.
  • Reducer - bevel, small-sized, in contrast to cross-belt transmissions, which increase the number of lubrication points and complicate the maintenance of the kinematic transmissions, ensures reliable operation of the working bodies of the header.
  • The knife drive is a connecting rod group located at the rear of the header. This design development made it possible to reduce the threshold between the cutter bar and the conveyor, which eliminates the clogging of the cutter bar with the mowed mass.
  • Cutting device - fingerless with two movable knives, providing a perfect cut of plants.
  • The platform is a metal structure made of a high-quality profile, the width of which allows placing five conveyor belts, which excludes ear losses behind the header when harvesting tall crops.
  • The wind shield is metal, made of a high quality profile, which increases the rigidity of the header structure.
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