Trailed roll reaper 4.9

Designed for mowing cereal crops and cereal crops with laying the mowed mass in a single counter-flow swath in all areas where a separate harvesting method is used.
Trailed roll reaper 4.9


  • Reel - five-cavity, two-eccentric, anti-winding with metal rollers, which ensure the durability of the blade tilt mechanism;
  • The reel drive is a belt drive that does not require the installation of an additional unit - a safety clutch;
  • Knife drive - Schumacher-type MPN with vertical pulley arrangement, which excludes the use of cross-belt transmissions and, as a result, increases the service life of the drive belt;
  • Shock absorber - spring, providing copying of the field relief by the cutting device;
  • Compensator - spring, allowing to eliminate the lag of the right field wheel of the header and its injury;
  • Knife clamping - adjustable, allowing you to simply and with high accuracy maintain the gap between the segment and the shear plate, which is necessary for a high-quality cut of crops;
  • Hydraulic system - high pressure hoses, the use of which allows to increase the life and reliability of hydraulics, as well as simplify maintenance of the lines.

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