Vertical tillage unit

Serves for loosening the soil around the cultivated area and the formation of microcracks in the subsoil.
Vertical tillage unit


  • Bellota turbo disks
  • The working depth is hydraulically adjustable
  • Twin wheels on the axles of the main frame and each wing section
  • Multi-row placement of "turbo disks" - allows you to loosen the soil around the cultivated area and affect a large mass of crop residues at high speed without clogging, even in waterlogged conditions
  • The spring-loaded struts create a "jackhammer effect", and due to the impulse formation of microcracks in the sub-bottom sole maximally promotes the accumulation of moisture in the soil
  • The vertical placement and fastening of the discs gives high shockproof protection, and allows the unit to move at high speeds up to 20 km / h


  • High speed and performance
  • Chopping and distributing large crop residues
  • Creates micro cracks in the sub-sole
  • Crust breaking
  • Sealing of organic fertilizers
  • Reduces the risk of stone damage to harvesting equipment, because does not bring them to the surface
  • Work in difficult field conditions with high humidity
  • Moisture closure and surface leveling

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