Used for three agronomic operations:
- disking
- pre-sowing preparation
- packing


  • folding frame design;
  • sturdy frame made of a 100x100x8 mm pipe;
  • 60 disks, 520 mm;
  • individual stand for each disk with fastening to the frame with rubber elastomers ;
  • imported disks with "chamomile" cut-outs , which are operated at an angle of 17o;
  • serviced disk hub with a 40-mm shaft;
  • soil tillage depth adjuster;
  • enlarged support wheels;
  • application of roller systems for all types of soils and performance of various tasks .


  • robust frame made of a 100x100x8 mm pipe allows for high loads;
  • the use of an individual rack for each disk allows for working in elds with a large number of crop residues and weeds;
  • the individual stand reduces the load on the frame and improves soil copying;
  • cut-outs on the disks contribute to the high quality of tillage and chopping of plant residues and excludes disk slippage;
  • high accuracy of compliance with the working depth is achieved with the use of rear rollers;
  • enlarged support wheels ensure the smoothness of the harrow passage during transportation;
  • when the working speed is increased, the quality of the tillage is improved, and the need for tractive effort (the reduction of fuel consumption) is reduced;
  • high productivity (up to 170 ha/day) and tillage quality due to the work speed of up to 20 km/h.

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