Intended use: harvesting of row- and solid-planted sunflower.


  • simple design of a tool drive;
  • planetary blade drive 1 *possibility of completing with an original Schumacher original drive and cutting unit;
  • three-blade reel with a cogwheel bolster;
  • reinforced frame structure 2 ;
  • protective casing of the feed reel;
  • reinforced screw clutch hub 3 ;
  • system of visors for tool protection;
  • conical shape of the pickup finger and the lateral divider with a spherical tip;
  • robust lifter design 4 .


  • intended use: harvesting of row- and solid-planted sunflower;
  • simple tool drive design reduces maintenance time;
  • planetary drive reduces the cutter head load and extends its operation life;
  • reinforced drive attachment area 5 ;
  • adjustable distance between lifters 6 ;
  • shaft under the cutter bar reduces stem quantity entering the feed elevator 7 ;
  • protective canopies exclude the release of “heads”;
  • reaper elevation angle adjustment;
  • drive simplicity and moderate reaper weight significantly decrease fuel consumption;
  • plastic side panel emphasizes stylish design and reduces weight of the unit 8 ;
  • powder coating ensures long-time protection of all the equipment against corrosion;
  • possibility of mounting the reaper to any combine harvester 9 .
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