Intended use: presowing soil preparation, moisture closure, and undercutting of weed rootstocks.


  • a sturdy bridge frame design consisting of: cross bars with a section of 80x80x8 mm; longitudinal bars with a section of 50x50x5 mm;
  • hydraulic lifting of working parts above the ground and placement of the wings into transport and operating position 1 ;
  • the depth of tillage is regulated by means of a screw rod 8 and support wheels 2 ;
  • double wheels on the axes of a bearing frame and each section of the wing 3 ;
  • tools are arranged in 5 rows, which provide a tine overlap of 75 mm;
  • a compression spring 4 with an effort of 82 kg;
  • C-shaped racks (manufacturer: Case IH) 5 and duckfoot tines (manufacturer: Bellota) 6 ;
  • a ramming unit comprised of: a toothed harrow 7 ; a rolling compactor 2 .


  • strict mechanical control ensures uniform penetration and allows for an even seed layer and distribution of crop residues;
  • rolling compactor combined with the toothed harrow reduces the size of lumps and prevents moisture evaporation;
  • road clearance of 360 mm allows overcoming almost any obstacles;
  • spring block with imported tools improves the hard ground penetration at higher speed and increases their life;
  • compression springs are more durable and contribute to a more uniform soil tillage.

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