Rice cutting header ZhVR-5 / ZhVK-5

The header is designed for mowing rice with laying in swaths, as well as grain crops, forage grasses and their testes. The machine can be used for cutting and cutting fields.
Rice cutting header ZhVR-5 / ZhVK-5


  • The reel is a six-cavity, two-eccentric, anti-winding reel with metal rollers, which ensure the durability of the blade tilt mechanism.
  • The reel is driven by a chain, with the use of a safety clutch, which ensures the durability of the unit on rice and bean headers, and also eliminates slippage in wet conditions.
  • The reel take-out mechanism is hydraulic, consisting of a hydraulic cylinder and a support. The location of the reel support on the solid support of the reel beam eliminates the breakage of the mount, or the entire reel sliding at the extreme upper point.
  • Knife drive - KShP with one connecting rod, ensuring uninterrupted operation of the cutting device in a wet environment of checks.
  • The platform is a metal structure made of a high-quality profile, the width of which allows placing six conveyor belts in one direction, which excludes ear losses behind the header when harvesting tall crops.
  • Conveyor belt - four-layer, specially designed for working in humid environments, eliminating stretching and equipped with welded rubber strips.
  • The wind shield is metal, made of a high quality profile, which increases the rigidity of the header structure.
  • The knife pressure is adjustable, which allows you to simply and with high accuracy maintain the gap between the segment and the shear plate, which is necessary for a high-quality cut of crops.
  • Hydraulic system - high pressure hoses, the use of which allows to increase the life and reliability of hydraulics, as well as simplify maintenance of the lines.

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